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Bodyslam! Pro Wrestling: SkråenSlam 2018

SkråenSlam 2018 - Aalborg, January 13, 2018
Every year in January BODYSLAM! kicks off the wrestling-year with a bang in Aalborg. 400 fans packed the venue for a show featuring showstealing performances from debutants Ashley Dunn & Chris Tyler, thrust into the limelight of a championship match against Michael Fynne. Tank & Burnett do battle in an awesome tag team encounter with Olisander & Emeritus plus so much more!

BODYSLAM! Championship Tables, Ladders, Chairs match: Michael Fynne (c) vs. Ashley Dunn vs. Chris Tyler
Sixt vs. Betty Rose
Emeritus & Olisander vs. Tank & Burnett
Rick “The Prick” Dominick vs. Kimball
Swedish Elite vs. Sharp & Blunt
Shooter Schjøtler vs. Kristian Thorn