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This event called AMBITION 13 took place on March 5th, 2022 promoted by Westside Xtreme Wrestling. It has a duration of approximately 96 minutes and is available in full length as video on demand on This release is accessible in English and German language.

AMBITION 13 - The shoot-style wrestling tournament as part of wXw 16 Carat Gold 2022.

If you want to take home the coveted trophy, you have to fight your way through 3 hard rounds. Only by submission, KO or referee stoppage, the fights can be won.

Match Card
First Round:
Laurance Roman vs. Bobby Gunns
James Runyan vs. Icarus
Oskar vs. Fuminori Abe
Ender Kara vs. Shigehiro Irie

Next Generation Fight:
Goldenboy Santos vs. Peter Tihanyi


Ambition Superfight:
Fast Time Moodo vs. Jonathan Gresham