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Bodyslam! Pro Wrestling: Copenhaddyshack

Copenhaddyshack - Copenhagen, September 15, 2018

Fred Yehi takes on Ophidian in a uniquely technical bout. The good Pastor William Eaver attempts to exorcise the Ghoul from the 9th Circle of Truth, Emeritus. Debuts galore! And all that leads up to one of the finest main events we have witnessed on Danish soil as NXT UK’s Joseph Conners attempts to halt the reign of Michael Fynne at day 504.
English commentary: Olie Spring and TJ Lea.

BODYSLAM! Championship match: Michael Fynne vs. Joseph Conners
Fred Yehi vs. Ophidian
Pastor William Eaver vs. Emeritus
Swedish Elite vs. Tank & Burnett
Sixt & Danny Sharp & Erik Sabel vs. Betty Rose & El Styggelse & Rick Dominick
Senza Volto vs. Valentine