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Bodyslam! Pro-Wrestling: SkråenSlam 2019

This event called Bodyslam! Pro-Wrestling: SkråenSlam 2019 took place on January 12th, 2019 promoted by Bodyslam! Pro-Wrestling. It has a duration of approximately 126 minutes and is available in full length as video on demand on This release is accessible in English language.

The annual kick-off to the wrestling year is headlined by David Starr debuting on Danish soil, tag team champions being crowned and a women’s hardcore grudge match. Plus BODYSLAM! Champion Michael Fynne tries to get back his stolen championship belt from Peter Olisander in a ladder match!
English commentary by Olie Spring & TJ Lea.

Chuck Mambo vs. Valentine
Erik Sabel, Zach White & Toby Zane vs. Rick Dominick, Rayo & Captain BODYSLAM
BODYSLAM! Championship Ladder match: Michael Fynne (c) vs. Peter Olisander
David Starr vs. Emeritus
Hardcore match: Sixt vs. Betty Rose
BODYSLAM! Tag Team Championship match: Swedish Elite vs. Tank & Burnett