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Wrestlingkult #6

This event called Wrestlingkult #6 took place on March 10th, 2018 promoted by Wrestlingkult. It has a duration of approximately 116 minutes and is available in full length as video on demand on This release is accessible in German language.

Italian Dream vs. Toby Blunt vs. Julian Pace

WrestlingKULT Tag Team Title Match: Soldiers Of Fortune 2.0 (Andrei Ivanov & Sean Lucas) vs. Keel Holding (Aaron Insane & Michael Isotov)

The Rotation vs. Kris Jokic vs. Mark Benjamin

Johnny Evers & Mot van Kunder vs. Die Muskel-Kater (Michael Schenkenberg & Toni Harting)

Women Of KULT Title: Melanie Gray vs. Shanna vs. Amale Winchester vs. Killer Kelly

WrestlingKULT Title Match: Dominic "Carnage" Brackner vs. Tristan Archer