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wXw 18+ Underground - The First Stand

Tag Team Match
Oberhausen Terror Corps (Bad Bones & Carnage) vs. The Catch Hoolz (Big Van Walter & Terry Frazier)

Axeman vs. Sternau

Sami Callihan vs. Steve Douglas

Bamboo Stick Death Match
Bernd Föhr vs. DJ Hyde

Thumbtack Kickpads & Lighttube Bundles Death Match
Drake Younger vs. Jimmy Havoc

Fans Bring The Weapons Match
HATE vs. Jon Moxley

EXTRAS from Full Force IX: Eastern Expedition
Due to technical limitations in 2009, we are not able to publish the full event.

wXw World Heavyweight Title Ostdeutschland Cup Final Match
Absolute Andy (c) vs. Crazy Sexy Mike

Westside Tag Team Street Fight
Oberhausen Terror Corps (Bad Bones & Carnage) vs. Team Douglas (Sternau & Steve Douglas)