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wXw Catch Grand Prix 2020 - Week 7

Tradition meets modernity. The wXw Catch Grand Prix 2020 is Westside Xtreme Wrestling's multi-week wrestling spectacle. Fourteen wrestlers, two blocks, one winner!

This is the final week of the wXw Catch Grand Prix 2020! For seven weeks, we presented a new match every day on wXwNOW, and now there is only one question left: Who will be the winner of the very first wXw Catch Grand Prix?

Cara Noir vs. Hektor Invictus
Avalanche vs. Anil Marik
Bobby Gunns vs. Metehan
Emil Sitoci vs. Prince Ahura
Norman Harras vs. Vincent Heisenberg
Tristan Archer vs. Marius Al-Ani
wXw Catch Grand Prix Final