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wXw We Love Wrestling 29: 16 Carat Gold Revenge

This event called wXw We Love Wrestling 29: 16 Carat Gold Revenge took place on April 2nd, 2022 promoted by Westside Xtreme Wrestling. It has a duration of approximately 143 minutes and is available in full length as video on demand on This release is accessible in English and German language.

wXw 16 Carat Gold Revenge from the sold out Batschkapp in Frankfurt.

All titles changed hands at 16 Carat Gold. The new wXw champions Tristan Archer, Ava Everett, Maggot as well as Stephanie Maze & Fast Time Moodo are eager to present themselves to the fans.
The new Director of Sports is finally unveiled AND the wXw Academy Cup is defended away from home for the first time ever.
A night of unexpected twists and turns - In some disputes, the last word has not yet been spoken.

Match Card:
- Rott & Flott (Nikita Charisma and Michael Schenkenberg) vs. Dennis "Cash" Dullnig and Hektor Invictus
- Vincent Heisenberg vs. Aigle Blanc
- wXw Wrestling Academy Cup: OSKAR (c) vs. Jacob Crane
- wXw World Tag Team Championship: Stephanie Maze & Fast Time Moodo (c) vs. Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight
- wXw Shotgun Championship: Maggot (c) vs. Norman Harras
- wXw Women's Championship 3-Way Dance: Ava Everett (c) vs. Baby Allison (w/ Vincent Heisenberg) vs. Iva Kolasky
- 3-Way Dance: Tristan Archer (c) vs. Jurn Simmons vs. Axel Tischer