Bodyslam! Pro Wrestling: Big Trouble

  • Event
  • September 29th, 2018

BODYSLAM! Big Trouble - Aarhus, September 29, 2018 The title reign of Michael Fynne is in BIG TROUBLE as American stand-out Fred Yehi returns to Denmark with gold in sight. But that’s not all as fan-favourites Tank & Matthew Burnett try to topple the undefeated tag team record of Swedish Elite and the ghoulish Emeritus looks to continue his stride as he takes on Ashley Dunn. English commentary: Olie Spring and TJ Lea. FULL CARD: BODYSLAM! Championship match: Michael Fynne vs. Fred Yehi Sixt vs. Betty Rose Swedish Elite vs. Tank & Burnett Emeritus vs. Ashley Dunn Yuri Kosinski vs. Rayo Blanco Rick “The Prick” Dominick vs. Erik Sabel