Bodyslam! Pro Wrestling: The Great Scandinavian Bash

  • Event
  • May 7th, 2022

The greatest card in the history of Nordic wrestling comes to you from downtown Copenhagen, as the top talent from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland bring their best. Veteran heavyweights clash as Erik Isaksen takes on Valentine, Scandinavia showcases its top jr. heavyweights in the form of Ender Kara and Timmy Force plus so much more! To top it all off a new BODYSLAM! Champion is crowned in the main event, when Michael Fynne and Carlos Zamora finally go one-on-one.
English commentary by Olie Spring and TJ Lea

Erik Isaksen vs. Valentine
Jessica Love vs. Regina Rosendahl
Gabriel Faust vs. Eli Castle
Easy Loverz (Erik Sabel, Bam Bam Quaade and Jackpot) vs. Tank Anderson, Steinbolt and Pete Phoenix
Hunyadi Tamás vs. Toby Zane vs Shemeikka
Ender Kara vs. Timmy Force
BODYSLAM! Championship Match: Carlos Zamora vs. Michael Fynne