Bodyslam! Pro Wrestling: Scandinavian Slammasters

  • Event
  • October 19th, 2019

BODYSLAM! - Scandinavian Slammasters - Copenhagen, October 19 2019 Speedball vs. Lucky Kid is just one of the big matches as the Copenhagen crowd once again lifts the atmosphere to new hights. Will Tank’s “Copenhagen Curse” be broken as he attempts to take back the BODYSLAM! Championship? Will Michael Fynne get back to form? Can the upstarts RandersPagne wrestle the tag team straps away from the menacing Sweden’s Elite? English commentary by Olie Spring & TJ Lea. FULL CARD: BODYSLAM! Championship match: Peter Olisander (c) vs. Tank “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Lucky Kid Michael Fynne vs. Emeritus BODYSLAM! Tag Team Championship match: Sweden’s Elite (c) vs. RandersPagne Valentine vs. Chuck Mambo Veda Scott vs. Betty Rose + more!