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wXw Shotgun #269

wXw Shotgun 269 is a debut. For the first time ever there are FOUR versions of wXw Shotgun in one week. We have both German and English versions of both wXw Shotgun (basic edition) and wXw Shotgun plus. wXw Shotgun is twice as long, has longer match scenes and exclusive matches.

Today in Shotgun:
- Zack Sabre Jr. challenges the current wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion "Massive" Jurn Simmons to a title match in Cologne and it's a bloody fight.
- Tengkwa returns to wXw in singles action against Johnny Evers.
- In our exclusive wXw Shotgun plus Main Event we have a 3 Way Dance between Absolute Andy, Emil Sitoci and Marty Scurll.
- Also exclusively on wXw Shotgun plus: Axel Dieter Jr. vs. Bobby Gunns

wXw Shotgun is free content on wXwNOW, wXw Shotgun plus is exclusive to subscribers.