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wXw Shotgun #270

wXw Shotgun PLUS 270 contains the final wXw match of Tommy End including his emotional farewell speech after the match. Surrounded by friends and co-workers Tommy talks to the crowd and the locker room one last time.

Today in wXw Shotgun PLUS:
* Tommy End vs. Ilja Dragunov
* Francis Kaspin vs. WALTER
* Alpha Kevin vs. Ashley Sixx

Da Mack gets interviewed by Yannick Assmann. The wXw Shotgun champions explains why he is willing to put his belt on the line for a chance at the wXw Unified World Wrestling championship.

We are also confirming two more matches for wXw FAN this weekend as well as the first match-ups for our tour stops in Ludwigshafen, Fulda and Saarbruecken one month from today.