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wXw Shotgun #272

wXw Shotgun PLUS 272 has three matches from the wXw Shotgun Livetour 2016 event from the Markthalle in Hamburg. Those are

- wXw Shotgun Championship: Da Mack vs. Axel Dieter Jr.
- EVOLVE Championship: Timothy Thatcher vs. Marius Al-Ani
- Bobby Gunns vs. Johnny Evers

We are taking a closer look at the developments between two former(?) tag teams. What has happened to Hot and Spicy in the Shotgun title match? And how's the story between Reich und Schön, their respective female friends and Massive Jurn Simmons advancing?

At wXw Shotgun we are announcing another team participating in the qualification series for the wXw World Tag Team League. The groups for the World Tag Team League are drawn. You're also going to learn who Jurn Simmons's next contender is.