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wXw Shotgun #276

It's the moment where the always-screaming Oberhausen crowd went silent. Karsten Beck was out to thank the fans after his brain surgery. Christian Michael Jakobi used this very moment to voice an incredible statement. Today at wXw Shotgun we are focussing on the moment that was to change wXw.

Additionally we have the current wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion and the brandnew wXw Shotgun Champion for interviews.

Exclusive wXw Shotgun PLUS matches this week:
- WALTER vs. Marius Al-Ani (wXw Shotgun Livetour 2016: Nürnberg)
- Alpha Kevin vs. Bad Bones John Klinger vs. Julian Nero vs. "Der König der Catcher" Massive Jurn Simmons (wXw Shotgun Livetour 2016: Leipzig)