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wXw Shotgun #278

Broken Rules is just around the corner. wXw Shotgun has the final pieces of information and match announcements for Broken Rules this Saturday in Frankfurt. What is the wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion, der K├Ânig der Catcher "Massive" Jurn Simmons doing at the marquee event.

After CEO Christian Michael Jakobi's shocking actions and statements head of media and talent relations Tassilo Jung sheds some light on unknown details about wXw.

Exclusively in wXw Shotgun PLUS on wXwNOW we have three fantastic matches:
- wXw Shotgun Championship: "Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne vs. Lio Rush (Borken)
- wXw Shotgun Championship: Winner vs. Tyler Bate (Bielefeld)
- Ilja Dragunov vs. Laurance Roman vs. Marius Al-Ani (Dresden)